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Its many harrowing accidents earn the PG-13 rating.

The precipitous falls and painful-looking injuries could scare some preteens and many kids under 10.

"But I also tried to add a lot of myself, my thing, my humor." In "D&D" he plays Snails, a lovable thief.

Snails and partner Ridley (Justin Whalin) must help a young magician (Zoe Mc Lellan)According to my sources at the corner playground and local video arcade, Dungeons and Dragons is a medieval-based role-playing game that has been gnawing on the gray matter of our children -- both young and old -- for the last quarter century, spawning as many as 400 paperback books and a plethora of board, interactive and Web-based games.

Two fellows sunbathe naked (though discreetly)The last time most moviegoers saw Marlon Wayans, he was cavorting crazily through the horror spoof "Scary Movie," the year's biggest sleeper hit.

Now he's doing much the same, but in a far different film: the earnest heroic fantasy "Dungeons & Dragons." "Well, the role was suited to me," Wayans said.

Even the elusive cloud giants have been witnessed, their wondrous floating cities appearing above Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate.

Where is the storm giant King Hekaton, who is tasked with keeping order among the giants?

Unlike melting, the half life should be short and easy to get to grips with, i think.

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Received a bag full of old 70s gaming kit - some tile-based wargames, a bunch of books for an old scifi adventure RPG, and a bunch of stuff for 1st edition D&D!


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