Embarrassing dating videos

Well, in real life, there’s no saxophone music playing in the background or and carefully placed sheets — just a lot of fun punctuated by some really awkward moments…like these.

and now you’re having trouble looking him in the eye.

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Don’t worry, queefing happens to everyone (yes, everyone.

We promise.) Just pretend that gushy, farting sound didn’t happen and keep right on… Trust us, you’re far more concerned about that sensation than he is.

Remember when you thought sex was going to be just like it is on TV?

You know, dim lights, a canopy bed surrounded by candles and rose petals, a perfectly well endowed and proportionate man hitting all the right spots every single time you’re in the throes of passion.

Then, and I shit you not, as he was waiting for the handshake, his pants fell down.

Music videos are all about self expression, right??! Sometimes so much creative freedom (or lack of) can turn into some pretty EMBARRASSING memories down the line. Before Miley Cyrus killed Hannah Montana, she tried out the whole conventional pop star thing…Just because you've found a great relationship through online dating doesn't mean you're comfortable with admitting how you met.This video (which is actually made by underwear company Me Undies, so go figure) perfectly nails the embarrassment surrounding online dating, even if you've met someone great.However, she went into a long ramble about pads, tampons, periods, etc., and was talking superloud.When we were younger ours “firsts” used to be so exciting, with no fear in sight.There’s no more embarrassing time to find out that you’re not at the same speed.

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