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On the toolbar there is a drop down menu saying "latest keys" which should tell you your code for your area.

I only brought eurovox Max 2 months ago and its bn working perfect until today. I only brought eurovox Max 2 months ago and its bn working perfect until today. Is their anything i can do to get my channels back?

it also has information on how to enter keys in manually and also latest firmware files when available. The boxes have firmware which should autoroll the keys for you but it seems a new firmware update is required.

Last time I had to update mine was over 6 months ago and was working fine till last week.

My mate has brought a eurovox box and I'm thinking of getting one I have looked for reviews on the internet but can't make my mind up if I should get one or not. if so could you tell me the positive and negatives.

Thanks in advance beware , you might not receive some channels.

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" from today which will tell you how to get into the menu and enter your code.

Then to get your code for your area - google bigmaq toolbar and download the toolbar.

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