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On a beautiful starry night, nearly 400 VIPs packed Piedmont Park’s Magnolia Hall, including event co-hosts Fonzworth Bentley and Kelly G (BET’s Sr.

Music Supervisor), along with DJs Drama, Trauma and Traci Steele.

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MTV has toned down its music video programming significantly in recent years, and its programming now consists mainly of original reality, comedy and drama programming and some off-network syndicated programs and films, with limited music video programming in off-peak time periods.

It has received criticism towards this change of focus, both by certain segments of its audience and musicians.

I’m Black.” But she still left a few fans feeling frustrated. TMZ reported that he goes “nuts” whenever anyone calls his daughter Nahla, born to bi-racial actress Halle Berry, Black — and even tried to get the word retracted when he saw it in print.

Video model Karrine Steffans — better known by her industry nick name Superhead — says that she doesn’t consider herself or her son African-American. Thomas, she doesn’t have a black “state of mind”:“I think people forget, I’m an islander. star Wentworth Miller came under fire when he was accused of passing for white while a student at Harvard.

(California is 48, so maybe I should latch on to Tyler and have him ask his manager at Spudnuts if they have any openings) Closing Skills: Still waiting to hear from the manager.

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Kanye West really wasn't joking when he said Justin Bieber's 'What Do You Mean? The rapper recently said he's got a soft spot for the single, and he was spotted grooving away to the track at Bieber's show at the Staples Center in LA on Monday night (March 21).

He was enjoying a date night with wife Kim Kardashian West, when she captured him dancing in a Snapchat post.

Each week, Popdust's intrepid reporter, Suzy Mc Coppin, goes deep undercover in order to guide you through the potentially murky waters of cyber lovin'.

Can you really swipe, click, match, wink your way to true love?

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  1. It was horrible."Eventually Tiffany started wearing make-up to even out her skin tone.

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