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The applicants, Stéphane Chapin and Bertrand Charpentier, are French nationals who were born in 19 and live in Plassac (France).

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Dimension Data will make the information available through its own Tour de France website, but also plans to pass it on to broadcasters, who will then have the ability to provide it to their viewers via on-screen graphics.“It’s a GPS telemetry device,” explained the company’s sports practice executive, Adam Foster.

“It has a carbon fibre casing, holds a chipset and a battery, weighs just 60g and fits onto the underside of the riders’ saddles.”“Every second it sends its coordinates using a radio frequency, we can then use that to plot each rider’s position as the race evolves and convert the information into speed, distance travelled and the gradient of the slope they’re on.”“Over and above the data we get from the device, we will be bringing other sources of information into the feed.

Unfortunately, she is rather clumsy and both her family (and soon to be family-in-law) ...

See full summary » Running Wild is about Stella Davis, a widow who saves her ranch by working with convicts to rehabilitate a herd of wild horses that wandered on to her property. See full summary » "Saint-Far-la-Mauderne", a small village hit hard by the crisis and desertification. Only problem, insurance require the presence of a ...

Soon after tenants move in they are tormented by a dark secret that has been trapped in the building for over 30 years.

The story of a woman who dreams to join an intervention group in the police department called RAID.So it’s something of a paradox that television coverage of this sport has been so low-tech for so long.As recently as this year’s Giro d’Italia in May, TV commentators were left using rough estimates of how many seconds separated riders at a given moment in the race.Even at an amateur level, a €35.7 billion global industry has developed to provide riders with evermore sophisticated bikes with carbon-fibre frames, electronic gear shifters, hidden brake callipers, and more.Anything to more efficiently convert the power from the rider's legs into speed on the road.Despite the objection, the mayor of Bègles performed the marriage ceremony and made an entry to that effect in the register of births, marriages and deaths.


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  3. have counted towards the Billboard 200 since it changed to a consumption model in 2014 where the ranking is determined by blending album sales, track equivalent album units, and streaming equivalent album units," Billboard clarified, noting that nothing in that process had been changed for this week's tally.

  4. All who arrive before pm can join an optional Night Tour of the city.

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