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Detectives said in arrest files that the teenager told police Yantsos befriended her in April 2016.

Over time, Yantsos allegedly gave her gifts, including cash, a diamond pendant necklace for Christmas, a pair of Ugg boots, a North Face jacket and a ring for Valentine’s Day.

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When she reported the rape at a police station, she was allegedly arrested for breaking Emirati laws against extra-marital sex, while her attackers have since flown home to the UK.

The UK-based Detained in Dubai campaign group said she has been released on bail but had her passport confiscated, meaning she cannot leave the country, and could face trial for offences with punishments including jail, deportation, flogging and stoning to death.

The group is in contact with the woman’s family, who claim the two men took it in turns to rape her while filming the attack at a hotel.

“They have taken her passport as lawyers thrash it out.

The police said the school system placed Yantsos on administrative leave as soon as it learned of the allegations, which were brought to officials’ attention through the student’s mother.

One of the charges Yantsos faces is being in a supervisory position and having sex with a minor who was enrolled at a school where he worked.The brief proceeding was attended by Bishop Salvatore Matano, several priests and an employee of the statewide Catholic Diocese.Matano said last week the diocese is not providing legal help to Nichols.According to a police affidavit, he has contended the alleged victim was the sexual aggressor in the incident.Nichols, who is on leave from his priestly duties pending the outcome of the criminal case, declined comment as he left the court house accompanied by his attorney, Mark Kaplan of Burlington.Priest Arraigned on Sex Charge By Sam Hemingway Burlington Free Press September 12, 2006 Nichols was released on his own recognizance after being charged in Vermont District Court with one count of lewd and lascivious conduct.


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