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Within weeks of moving to London the Tube map becomes imprinted in most people's minds. Instead it becomes a marvellous tool for getting from A to B.

But Apple's free El Capitan upgrade, made available on September 30 2015, adds an 'extensions' feature to Photos, and this works a little like Photoshop's plug-in architecture.

Specially adapted versions of image-editing tools can now be launched from within Photos to provide tools and effects that Photos can't.

LAST WEEK, I was on my way down Dublin’s Aston Quay, when I passed a strung-out looking couple having a row on the footpath near the Merchant’s Arch.

On the other side of the road was someone with his smartphone in his hand, filming them.

This feature is already available on i OS 9 equipped devices, but it's new to the desktop version of Photos.

Keen photographers might not have paid i Photo much attention in the past, but Photos is different.

In the first of a series of posts looking at mobile applications for Londoners, we tested five apps that help bring the Tf L route planning functionality to the i Phone.

All of these apps are designed for use or part-use without signal, which is, of course, a rarity on the central portions of the underground.

If you are with one of the big providers, you will need to log in through their individual section by tapping on the logo.

Depending on the network, this will ask for your mobile number and a PIN code that you will have to get beforehand.

EE, for example, asks its customers to send a text to a specific number that will return a PIN code for Underground Wi-Fi access.


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