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USA Today knows the FIRST thing you should do with an old smartphone.

In a world empty of fate, gone slack without a narrative, my character, alone and aimless, has a life for the first time.

I discovered this unlikely pleasure by accident when I was a teenager.

A tiny, paper-thin camera that has no lens could turn conventional photography on its head, according to new research.

The device, a square that measures just 0.04 inches by 0.05 inches (1 by 1.2 millimeters), has the potential to switch its "aperture" among wide angle, fish eye and zoom instantaneously.

Many students lend their new skills to open source projects, which is an important part of the modern programmer's résumé.

But Free Code Camp offers an intriguing new way to give students more hands-on experience.Each receiver in the array is individually controlled by a computer program.In fractions of a second, the light receivers can be manipulated to create an image of an object on the far right side of the view or on the far left or anywhere in between.And because the device is so thin, just a few microns thick, it could be embedded anywhere.(For comparison, the average width of a human hair is about 100 microns.) "The entire backside of your phone could be a camera," said Ali Hajimiri, a professor of electrical engineering and medical engineering at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the principal investigator of the research paper, describing the new camera.Upgrade to Presence Pro Video for advanced motion detection features and 5GB of storage.


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