Funny teenage dating stories

I didn’t think I was taking a risk when I decided to inspect the contents of it in my office’s public bathroom, but, still a stranger to the ways of the cup, I hadn’t considered the suction seal that the cup creates when you put it in.

In my attempts to twist and/or yank it out, the cup slipped out of my hands right onto the bathroom floor. Why I thought that was a good day to wear white sandals, I’ll never know.""When I was in middle school, my parents forced me to be on the swim team.

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Spending the holidays with your guy’s family for the first time is a huge relationship milestone.

But between your nerves, the usual family tension, and your weird Uncle Sal’s inappropriate stories, it’s also a prime opportunity for total disaster.

When the production ended and we all went out to celebrate, I cornered said boy in a club and gave him a good snog. and my family and sometimes go to Cornwall for our summer holidays…" "I’m so sorry.

Unfortunately, the next day, at our very first lunch date, I discovered that he was nothing like his on stage character. I’ve suddenly remembered I’m in love with my ex-boyfriend and must now leave." Janet met a boy online and after some lengthy texting finally met up on a weekday night in a bar near her work.

It's probably safe to say that a lot of you readers get them. And as much as you might fight it, every once in a while, your dear old menstrual cycle sabotages your life a little bit.

This could manifest as a stain on your favorite pants, a ruined mattress, or a We asked 10 women to share their best (whatever that may mean) stories of period mortification with us, and they did not disappoint.

Read on for 10 of our readers’ most embarrassing meet-the-parents moments.

“The first time I visited my boyfriend’s home, I bent over and my jeans ripped right down the middle in the back.

At first, Craig is uncertain if he made the right choice to stay, mostly due to the fact that his friends might find out when he misses school, especially Nia, his crush and Aaron's girlfriend.

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