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The Solheim Cup employs foursomes, fourball and singles match play.Our Match Play Primer is an introduction to this type of play, and includes how to keep score, info on the most common formats, strategies and rules differences.If the Solheim Cup is halved, 14-14, the team holding the cup entering that year's tournament retains it.

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The "Solheim" in "Solheim Cup" is Karsten Solheim, the founder of Ping.

Solheim was one of the prime movers in establishing a Ryder Cup-style showcase for women golfers, agreeing to sponsor the inaugural competition in 1990 after the LET and LPGA held talks about getting it started.

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Tee fore Two making dating easy for golfers October 12, 2010 Whilst online dating has become very much the norm, there are still many singletons out there that regard online dating as something of an anathema.

And a "threesome" and "foursome" is not an exciting sexual encounter with multiple people, but the term used for a group of three and four players.

Recently, the term "golf singles" has entered the lexicon as meaning a group of single golf enthusiasts, and is their clubhouse.

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And these traits are prevalent both on and off the green! From a terminology perspective, "golf dating" doesn’t just mean a date on a golf course, but rather what happens when two golf singles get together for dinner, casual drinks, or for a practice session at the range.

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Indeed the niche website has been bringing together single golfers with great success since its inception at the start of last year and has seen numerous relationships blossoming into long term commitment.

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