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And then gradually we’d increase the height of the branches.The idea is that eventually we would shoot up into the sky.” As children, they built a series of treehouses in their back gardens.

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Park's tutorials are all about showing off her wrinkles and her elderly life in the raw.

(Lee Jin-man/Associated Press) One of South Korea's hottest You Tube stars is a 70-year-old grandmother whose cool, undaunted style and hilarity are a breath of fresh air in a social media universe that frequently exalts youth and perfect looks.

Amazingly, it totally stuck the landing -- avoiding people and furniture. someone opened the front door and the deer simply ran out, uninjured.

Best friends Jenny Hollingworth and Rosa Walton have the same favorite composers: Mozart and Debussy, which they like to pronounce “De Boosie.” They themselves go by the name Let’s Eat Grandma, a moniker lifted from an old grammar joke about the importance of proper comma placement.

Denny's customers got an off-the-menu breakfast special -- a crazed deer that crashed through a window ... Broken glass went flying as the deer leaped into the restaurant ...

clearing rows of booths and tables Saturday morning in Rome, NY. Together, they make weird, enchanting pop music that cribs from fairy tales, hip-hop beats, and the classical music their parents played at home.They call it “psychedelic sludge-pop,” something that sounds as likely to come out of Willy Wonka’s factory as your headphones.They picked up a slew of instruments: keyboard, recorder, guitar, drums, saxophone, cello, glockenspiel, harmonica.South Korea's You Tube hit, Park Makrye, 70, right, is the star and her granddaughter Kim Yura, 27, produces the videos.Hollingworth and Walton, both 17, grew up near one another in Norwich, England, where they became fast friends at age 4.


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