Harshad aditi dating real life

Biography / Family: Harshad Chopra was born on 17th May in the year 1983.

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Every role and every character you play is always challenging.

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He shifted to Pune along with his family after the completion of his class 12 board exams.

His parents enrolled him for an engineering degree in Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pune. Harshad was always interested in choosing acting as his career option.Their love story started on the sets of Big Magic's 'Boyz', Jasmine was one of the leads and Prateek was directing.Confirming the news, Jasmine shared, "Yes, it's been one and a half months that we are dating. Both of them fighting for different reasons and this is what differentiates them. Sia deserves a choice, she deserves a life, she deserves to live the way she wants to. I would like to share an event while we were shooting for a silent scene with Sriti. We had to go inside the house after Sia states that she cannot marry me and we have to pretend that we are happy and nothing has happened. Can you share the upcoming twist going to come on 2 Sept.? Tell us about the bond that share with Karanvir Bohra. I remember a scene, when he had a memory loss and I had to go and take his picture as Raghav believed that he had lost his memory. That's the reason why every character is close to my heart. I don't think of myself playing any historical character. Don't you think that Sia deserves a man as wonderful as Raghav? Share a memorable moment enacting Raghav till date. While choosing a character, you have certain amount of connection with the character so you exactly understand that you can play it comfortably. I look for characters that have a heart and are human like. That's the reason why I've chosen Raghav as he is the most positive character. You're often linked romantically with your co-stars. Harshad Chopra who is playing the role of Raghav in Life Ok's Dil se di dua. gets candid with Tellybuzz on his relation to his character, bonding with the stars, his life and much more... According to you, what made Raghav fall in love with Sia? Share the most challenging and closest role you have ever played?

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