Help updating my cv

Based on their employment interests and goals, participants may also receive supportive services and skills training through an educational institution. AARP Foundation's SCSEP helps make connections between older job seekers and employers.

Their SCSEP experience most often leads to permanent employment. For more than 45 years, AARP Foundation's SCSEP has been providing employers with pre-screened, qualified candidates to fill vacant positions with no cost or risk to the employer. Public nonprofit organizations benefit from an expanded workforce that gives them the opportunity to improve services through association with AARP Foundation's Senior Community Service Program.

I have since worked for xxxx which has enhanced both my creativity and knowledge of the industry.

I'm about to begin working on my old résumé which has been gathering dust for some years.

With a fresh look at the things I find myself willing to get rid of some of the old items I believe to be no longer of any value. I'm planning to be looking for a position in Europe soon, so I'm primarily interested in the opinion of the people doing hiring for European companies.

I have worked for several high-profile clients including xxx and xxx and have enjoyed being an integral part of the events team for both companies.

Having helped to organise corporate functions and deliver successful and profitable events, I have been able to develop both my organisational and negotiation skills.

Record of managing busy caseloads, promoting services, increasing personal and professional standards.

Now looking forward to a change in career, and working in medical research / clinical trials for a company that offers the opportunity for career progression and rewards on merit.

The question I have concerns my first three jobs after graduating from a university in Moscow, Russia over a decade ago.

Those were relatively short and really inconsequential.

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