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[Work into the next corner space and work: 3tr, ch2, 3tr.] rep for the rem corners.

Sl st into the top of the 3ch from the start of the row Make a single ch stitch, cut the yarn and pull the loop up and out to form a knot.

I pinned it to my "Work" board on Pinterest at the time and didn't think much more about it.

There are 2 colour ways; Using yarn A and 9mm hook, make an adjustable loop or a foundation ring by working 4ch, sl st to first ch to join to form the ring.

Ch3 (this counts as your first tr – hereafter known as tr) Take note of the sp in the middle of the circle, you will be working into this for the whole of the next part. You now have a cluster of 3tr’s.ch2, then work 3trs into that same space.ch2, then work 3trs into that same space.ch2, then work 3trs into that same space.ch2, then sl st into the top of the 3ch from the start of the round.

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We just can t stop loving on these crochet coasters.

Totally retro, these crochet coasters make a unique housewarming gift or a home accessory all your own. Whether it s cocktail time or coffee hour, these cuties will keep the conversation going.Since then she has hooked up with 200 different one night stands. Bone she prefers guys in their 30s and 40s because men in their 50s and up do not have enough stamina to keep up with her. now that she has this "fame" do you think any guy would want to risk it no matter how desperate he is ?If someone spends the night they are relegated to the spare room to sleep after the festivities. I mean what are the odds of her catching/having something from one of the 200 especially considering the choice they made ?But because I used a larger hook - 7 mm - and there is some "air" in this yarn, it sort of puffs up to almost a bulky weight when worked up with the bigger hook. My original post was really meant to be more of a general "recipe" or method that you can apply to your own version than a specific pattern for the exact shrug that I made.I'm pretty sure you could use just about any yarn as long as it gives you the drape you want. I've broken down the steps below - hopefully it's a little more clear.I'm so happy that people like it and want to make one too, but I've been a lot of questions.


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