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She finally finishes making the bed and spraying down the room before making her exit. "This person needs to be identified and immediately arrested for attempted burglary....fired for cause," one person commented on The Blaze.

"She even picked the pillows up off of the floor and put them on the bed. No telling how many people she has ripped off in the past." Stravix responded to some users in the comments on You Tube, explaining that he wasn't going to reveal the name of the hotel because "this video was not uploaded to incite a witch-hunt or boycott." He said that he did send the uncut footage to the hotel's management.

Developers say they have an 85% success rate of returning the correct location to investigators within the first 20 hotel options.“Every day that they don't endure the abuse is one more day they are closer to healing,” says Cross.

The Traffick Cam app is free and does not save any personal information about your hotel stay.

A Northeast Philadelphia motel that prosecutors have called the city’s “epicenter of human trafficking” was sued Friday under a recent state law for permitting the pimping of a teenage girl in one of its rooms for two years.

The suit, filed in Common Pleas Court, was the first under a 2014 state law that allows victims of sex traffickers to sue hotels and motels where abuse occurs.

They also believe their professional reputations have been harmed, since they felt compelled to inform their clients of the incident, fearing the video could be made public at any time, a potential embarrassment.

“We found only one room that had a camera on it,” said the Brown’s attorney, Thomas Chase.She proceeds to try to access his tablet before finally turning her attention toward actually cleaning the room.Before long, she starts rifling through the contents of Stravix's suitcase. hotel and I kept all of my items laid out in my room. The video has been viewed over a million times, and users have been shocked at the housekeeper's brazen behavior.When Mirta Brown, 58, and her husband Luis Brown, 59, checked into the Bilmar Beach Resort in Treasure Island in early February, they did what many married couples do. Away from home and free of the stresses of regular life, the Lee County couple engaged in “marital intimacy,” safe in the knowledge no one was watching. Or at least they assume someone was watching after discovering a 360-degree camera outside their window, a Hikvision Outdoor Speed Dome that allows its user to maneuver the camera to look wherever it’s pointed.Shocked that their intimate tryst might have been caught on film, the couple approached the front desk where they claim property manager Marylou Planas said the two had “undoubtedly” been secretly recorded having sex.“This is a message to the entire motel and hotel industry that if you allow and enable trafficking of youngsters, young women, or any person on your facilities, you will be held responsible and sued for damages under the law,” said Center City lawyer Thomas R. Kline and two lawyers from the Kline & Specter law firm, Nadeem A. Marks, announced the filing of the lawsuit on behalf of a 17-year-old girl, identified as “M.


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