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It is a rare example of a late colonial port town that was influenced in its development by the indigenous community which continued to outnumber the European settlers.Thus the town, an outstanding example of late 19th century Pacific port settlements, reflects the integration of local building traditions by a supreme naval power, leading to the emergence of a unique landscape.

The town and its low line of buildings set among coconut and mango trees along the beach front was the first colonial capital of Fiji, ceded to the British in 1874.

It developed from the early 19th century as a centre of commercial activity by Americans and Europeans who built warehouses, stores, port facilities, residences, and religious, educational and social institutions around the villages of the South Pacific island’s indigenous population.

When i was a little kid while having breakfast one early morning at my great grandma’s house, that’s when i first heard my grandfather spoke of our dark and violent taboo history; cannibalism.

I remembered him saying (in Fijian); “…I’ve never tried it but i still remember what grandpa said that humans taste like pork .” As an 8 year old hearing that by the breakfast table, i was shocked.

(My i Pod, he surmised tensely, was “good for transmitting information.”) I asked him to call my editors, even a UN official who could vouch for me. “I’d hate to see a young lady like you go into a jail full of men,” he averred, smiling grimly.

“You know what happened to women during the 2000 coup, don’t you?

But one day soon after I arrived, the staff told me they now had to shut down by 5 p.m.

Police orders, they shrugged: The country’s military junta had declared martial law a few days before, and things were a bit tense.

Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 南太平洋地域の植民地都市の代表。フィジーのオバラウ島にある港町レブカは、ヨーロッパやアメリカからの植民者が住み始めた1820年代以降、重要な交易拠点として発展し、1874年にイギリスの植民地フィジーの最初の首都となった。コロニアル風の役所や税関、教会、会社、商店など、木造1階あるいは2階建ての建築が並ぶ町並みには、南太平洋地域の19世紀植民地都市の、発展段階の特徴が見られる。地元の伝統とヨーロッパの植民地制度が融合した港町は、19世紀ヨーロッパが世界に進出していった時代の、太平洋地域における文化交流の証しである。 source: NFUAJ Levuka met zijn laagbouw en gelegen tussen kokosnoot- en mangobomen, was de eerste koloniale hoofdstad van Fiji, afgestaan aan de Britten in 1874.

Vanaf het begin van de 19e eeuw ontwikkelde de stad zich tot een commercieel centrum waar Amerikanen en Europeanen pakhuizen, winkels, havenfaciliteiten, residenties, religieuze, educatieve en maatschappelijke instellingen bouwden rond de dorpen van de inheemse bevolking van het Zuid-Pacifische eiland.

As a member you will be plugged into an international network of like-minded people, with staff on the ground in 60 countries ready to offer local advice and support. We have lists of organic growers and farmers who need help in many countries – and people who are willing to offer it in return for food, accommodation and the opportunity to learn about a different way of life.


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