Independent women dating

Many women dream about their wedding days as little girls. I'm not against romance or settling down, but just as love is an entirely biased experience, so is our approach to it and the way in which we interpret it.Some of us may revel in the idea of a relationship and in the possibility of experiencing “forever” with someone.

Whatever adventure our guys have in mind, they can bet we’ll be up for it.

We’re easily excited and will be on board for any challenge. We can come across pretty intense, but we’re just as interested in hearing about the guys we date as we are in talking about ourselves.

After all, we’re the best at dating and relationships — here’s why: Initiating plans doesn’t intimidate us.

Chances are, we swiped right first or asked them to grab a drink or picked the place where we had our first date.

Although certain imbalances and deep-rooted sexist undertones still exist, the playing field is definitely more evenly balance than before. Yet, I have noticed that some men are confused — and occasionally insulted or intimidated — by the whole idea.

Independence shouldn't make a man feel nervous or any less masculine; a woman's strength is not a threat to a man's masculinity.She knows how to take care of herself, the people around her and her life.She can match you on your level, inspire you to grow and she can contribute as well as she can receive.Because she wants to be with you, rather than because she feels she needs to be with you (the neediness and dependence is what causes most of the drama).But what does a strong independent women really need to spark her interest and ignite her fire?We’re not afraid to take action and make decisions, and that’s a great quality in a life partner.


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  2. I’d always been attracted to mavericks, handsome men, who – after a year or so – made it clear they had no intention of settling down.

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  4. Listing should not be taken as endorsement of any kind.

  5. A more realistic mindset, outlets for self-care and anxiety management, embracing singlehood (until someone really special is present) and pacing yourself while dating are helpful in eliminating common dating challenges.

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