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The "pros" include painfully obvious suggestions such as: "smiling a lot", "telling jokes" and covering up your natural smelly odour by "wearing perfume/aftershave". There are trolls among us, and they’re taking us out to lunch. I’ve crushed the memory down out of shame, but, if I’m going to be judging trolls, I should probably admit to the time I was one myself.

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I liked the format of the site and it was easy to complete the questionnaire. Our relationship developed very quickly even though the distance is well beyond my preference.

We have already been on holiday together and everything still looks very positive. I can honestly say we have clicked in a significant way and that we are enjoying developing a new relationship together.

I appreciate that only an idiot would not have foreseen this. At any rate, in a panic, half way through lunch I stood up and told him I had suddenly remembered I was still in love with my ex-boyfriend. When the bartender clocked eyes on the boy, he said “Oh, back again are we?

” and named his regular drink before saying, “What will tonight’s lady of choice have? Charlie went on a date with one of his friend’s friends, whom he had never met before.

If you have a story to tell us, we would love to hear from you, so please click here to contact us. " Rachel S "Hi Urbansocial, this is just a quick message to let you know I’m getting married thanks to you guys!

"After some unsuccessful dates and a lot of hours browsing, I started emailing a chap in April and finally after a few months and what felt like knowing each other for years, we both finally got around to meeting up. Urbansocial is a fantastic way to meet people if you live in a city, like London, where you cant meet people in the usual way. I met Jessica on your site about 2 years ago and we have been living together for around a year now.

One in five relationships in the UK starts online, according to recent surveys, and almost half of all British singles have searched for love on the internet.

Just today, nine million Britons will log on looking for love.

e Harmony has released a list of first date "faux pas" and "to dos" based on a survey of the best and worst dating behaviour.

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