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She had been raped, badly beaten, and left for dead. And one of the first things she asked for on waking was her lawyer. Miami-Dade detectives learned that she had been living for months at the Airport Regency Hotel, eight miles from where she was found.

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Narration: It begins as a phone call - and then a meeting - usually late at night.

Well also run a handy test tune in to find out if your boss is an office psychopath.

After a woman living in a hotel in Florida was raped, viciously beaten, and left for dead near the Everglades in 2005, the police investigation quickly went cold. worked a chilling hunch that would lead him to other states, other crimes, and a man nobody else suspected. A battered 21-year-old woman with long blond curls was discovered facedown in the weeds, naked, at the western edge of Miami, where the neat grid of outer suburbia butts up against the high grass and black mud of the Everglades. A local power-company worker was driving by the empty lots of an unbuilt cul-de-sac when he saw her. She was still unconscious when the police airlifted her to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

But when the victim sued the Airport Regency, the hotel’s private detective, Ken Brennan, became obsessed with the case: how had the 21-year-old blonde disappeared from her room, unseen by security cameras? When she woke up in its trauma center, she could remember little about what had happened to her, but her body told an ugly tale. She bent English to her native Ukrainian grammar and syntax, dropping pronouns and inverting standard sentence structure, which made her hard to understand.

Dr John Clarke: I was giving a lecture on criminal psychopaths and someone came down after that lecture and said that their boss had the same characteristics as what I'd just described for a criminal one.

Narration: "Annette" knows just what he's talking about.

She had fragments of memories like bits of a bad dream—of being held up or carried, of being thrown over a man’s shoulder as he moved down a flight of stairs, of being roughly violated in the backseat of a car, of pleading for her life.

Powerful, cruel moments, but there was nothing solid, nothing that made a decent lead. The police detectives did what they could at the hotel, combing the woman’s room for evidence, interviewing hotel employees, obtaining images from all of the surveillance cameras for the morning of the crime, going over the guest lists.

The court also found that the trial court committed reversible error when it "succeeded in pressuring the defendant and his counsel into withdrawing the request for an appropriate instruction" with regard to how the jury should scrutinize the testimony of another witness for the State, Bertie Brailford. A subsequent investigation by the Detroit News uncovered lies by the prosecution's star witness, perjured identification given under police pressure, and the use of poorly administered lie detector tests.


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