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hang out Thursday, what you may not realize is that we're busy booking up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday to reserve Thursday for you.

We just can't with those stream-of-consciousness arguments where you say the next thing that comes to mind without making any coherent point.

The fact that you feel something doesn't make it true.

She's been permitted to continue her projects because she puts in a lot of unpaid overtime working on them.

Once she's finished with a project and shows people what it can do, they are amazed and start seeing many uses for it.

A shared perceiving preference (as the dominant or auxiliary function) according to Keirsey, ensured better understanding and communication in the relationship.

Aside from that, having opposite preferences in every other respect would supposedly contribute in making each partner interesting to one another.This assertion is made in many published references (Carlson & Williams, 1984; Myers & Mc Caulley, 1985; Myers & Myers 1980; Sherman, 1981).The most important similarity is the N/S dichotomy.Since we can't get out of our own heads, we figure we'd might as well take them with us wherever we go — even into the bedroom.This generally means we're not satisfied with a basic "wham, bam, thank you ma'am."We need an emotional connection and enjoy experimentation, dirty talk, and anything else that keeps us in the moment so we don't get lost in our own unrelated thoughts.Elizabeth dated occasionally when she was in college.

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