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The only other way a will can remain valid after a marriage takes place is if it is made beforehand in contemplation of marriage.

This means it is possible for fiancés or fiancées to make wills and confirm that the will is made in anticipation of their upcoming marriage and that the will should not be invalidated when that marriage occurs.

Contesting A Will: Sometimes there are issues in Scotland when one or a number of people wish to contest a will or dispute the grant of confirmation of executors (the same as a grant of probate in England and Wales).

If someone raises objections to how an estate is split between those named in the will – or they have been left out of the will altogether and feel they should have been included – or if they object to the way the duty of executors is being carried out then the situation will be a contentious one and may result in contested will litigation before a Scottish court.

As a result of this presumption it is usually relatively difficult to challenge a Will upon the grounds of a lack of knowledge and approval.

However, the presumption can be rebutted in a case where the facts are such as to “excite the suspicion of the Court”.While the laws surrounding contested wills have long been established, the case once again demonstrates the importance of making a will and the ability of family members who have been left out of a will to challenge it.Ed Stanley, an expert in contentious wills and probate at Harrison Drury, looks at the Ilot v Mitson case and its lessons for those seeking to contest a will. The deceased, Melita Jackson, died in 2006 leaving a net estate of £486,000.The greater the suspicion, the greater the evidence that will be required to satisfy the Court and remove that suspicion.Facts that may excite the suspicion of the Court include a Will prepared by a beneficiary, significant and generally inexplicable changes from previous Wills, signatures different from the ordinary one of the testator, the language used and the complexity of the Will.This presumption will not apply where the testator is deaf and dumb, blind or does not personally sign the Will.


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