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Between word-of-mouth and social media, questions about the potential invalidation of scores and the need to retake the test spread rapidly among students and parents over the past couple of days.

They said the lack of information from Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools and test administrators has many people frustrated and worried about the impact a delay in test results could have on college application deadlines.

Some parents questioned whether every room used for the SATs failed to meet test requirements, why the issue wasn’t corrected at the time and why students were allowed to proceed with the exam if officials knew there were violations that could possibly void test scores.

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Over the years I have found some parenting styles that repeatedly have the most negative effects on the upbringing of children and their level of adjustment as adults.

These individual parents or family systems tell you how you should feel on an ongoing basis.

I call them the Pooh Pooh’s as they “Pooh Pooh” what you feel.

When you feel something different then they think you should, they invalidate it or ignore it (basically the same result).

This erodes your self confidence as you don’t know what is correct, to feel the way you actually do, or the way you are being told to feel.

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She said the complaint could go before a federal judge as early as next week.

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