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See full summary » In this extremely hilarious comedy, Tea (Master P) and Coffee (Michael Blackson) are two repo men who work for Mr. The money he borrowed to make it all happen is long over due. See full summary » Aspiring songwriter Ricky Barry thinks he's hit the big time when he wins a contest with his song.

i saw this movie and expected to be disappointed, with another low budget Friday/menace to south central rip off. keenan, and the teenager from parenthood both play hilarious dual-roles.

The money he borrowed to make it all happen is long over due.

With the money all gone and the record far from finished, he becomes desperate for a solution.

it really doesn't slow down for a second, there's something in every scene to laugh at. it is very much the same comic style as Friday, or any chris tucker movies.

i will say that i think it is aimed at 25 and younger for sure.

I'm sure some critics will give this movie a bad review without even watching it, but it is definitely going in my collection!

Samuel's dream of buying a recording studio, making a hit record, and becoming a famous hip-hop artist has hit a snag. Kool is an artist without prospects, a black belt in karate, and in love with La Shawna, poised and college bound. See full summary » In this extremely hilarious comedy, Tea (Master P) and Coffee (Michael Blackson) are two repo men who work for Mr. While trying to break their "repo record," in order to get a cash bonus, Tea and Coffee unknowingly repo a truck that contains a bag of diamonds worth millions.

Ricky's been ganked, but he's determined to get his revenge.

Mack's life was a little different, he was rare and real as the game itself.

The ladies love him online, but they get a rude awakening when a 5 foot tall, broke, burger flipping, bicycle riding Mikey shows up at their front doors.


  1. Let’s catch up on where each of our favorite Dunder Mifflin employees were at the series’ end, and then see what the actors who played them are up to now.

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