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(West Sussex) Sir James Paul MCCARTNEY, MBE Musician. (Stapleford, Cambridgeshire) Knights Bachelor Knighthoods George William John BENJAMIN, CBE Composer, Conductor and Performer. (London) Leonard BLAVATNIK For services to Philanthropy.(London) Mark John BOLEAT Lately Chairman, Policy and Resources Committee, City of London Corporation.

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The sequel involves fierce competition at a ballet academy, and tackles dating conflict, implied sex between consenting adults, frequent kissing and romantic overtones, nightlife, and some sensuality and suggestiveness, particularly in the dance routines. It's also often set against the backdrop of a nightclub, though it shows no underage or even indulgent drinking.

It offers a wealth of positive messages about hard work and ambition and personal responsibility, and shows young adults behaving responsibly in spite of the temptations of night life, but its mature themes and romanticizing of city life make it best for older kids.

“However,” Muir adds, “this description is somewhat of a misnomer since there is no rock band, no rock music, and no mention at all, in fact, of that ‘devil’s music’ sweeping the land in the body proper of the movie.” “Rock Around the Clock” plays, as if a theme song, over the opening credits (with a chalkboard in the background) on into the opening scene as Richard Dadier arrives at North Manual School to interview for a position as an English teacher.

The purpose of such nondiegetic music (i.e., inaudible to the characters in the film but audible to the movie viewing audience) is to increase the psychological drama for the audience.

Later, a shot has them in bed (only the male shirtless) eating ice cream, presumably after sleeping together. In one scene, there are mature themes that also involve the implication of possible sex, such as when it's implied that a female dancer is about to leave a club and go home with a teacher at the academy, though she changes her mind because she decides it "isn't right." Elsewhere, there is flirtation and a few night club scenes that involve dancing suggestively.

Many scenes occur in a nightclub where adults are served alcoholic beverages.

Adults are a mixed bag in terms of role models, but realistic -- some are self-serving and arrogant, others are open-minded and compassionate.

For girls and boys, there are good representations of hardworking young adults to model, in spite of the many distractions of the big city.

" /The young adults in the film are extremely ambitious and devoted to their craft.

They eschew having fun, drinking, even distracting relationships if it gets in the way of their art.

For services to the Financial Services Industry and to Local Government in London.


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