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A closer look at the unemployment [nearly 10 percent unemployment rate] suggests that minimum wage laws also deserve a big share of the blame….businesses are not charities and that they only create jobs when they think a worker will generate net revenue.

Higher minimum wages, needless to say, are especially destructive for people with poor work skills and limited work experience.

Always choose condoms that carry the European CE mark or British BSI Kitemark as a sign of quality assurance.

A FORMER youth worker was today jailed for 11 years for encouraging sex attacks on children - 3,500 miles away in the USA.

She enjoys spending time with us in the greenhouses (picking flowers) while we are transplanting.

We grow our plants ourselves in our greenhouses located at our farm in Belleisle allowing us to offer you the BEST selection of hanging baskets, specialty baskets and planters to suit your needs.

Whatever those rates might be, they were not sufficient to cause a worldwide financial crisis.

Once these standards were relaxed--particularly allowing loan-to-value ratios higher than the 80 percent that had previously been the norm--they spread rapidly to the prime market and to subprime markets where loans were made by lenders other than insured banks.

However, some places might only offer male condoms.

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