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Hotel Eleven is the newest lodge of the Mzaar Kfardebian ski resort.The hotel offers 4-star quality services and is located within walking distance from shops, restaurants, the Inter Continental Mzaar, and the Refuge slopes.Upon visiting the website you'll come across resources that are related to the ski resorts, plus articles, online contests, ski news, e-newsletters and highly competitive ski packages.

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Number of floors: 3 - Number of rooms or units: 11 RESTAURANTS AND BARS Hotel Eleven is specialized in cheese and wine, fondue and raquelette meals.

Mouth watering food awaits guests at its restaurant and bar, located around the lobby.

In the al-Bahsa quarter, for instance, a clutch of old houses were demolished to make way for a new roadway.

Among the homes: an 18th century courtyard house with at least one elaborate reception room crafted from hand-painted wood panels and inlaid stone.

Her powerful work often focuses on young women and their precarious journeys into adulthood.

She originally trained as an architect but found her true creative calling as a documentary photographer. County Museum of Art harbors a rare 18th century interior from Damascus, Syria. County Museum of Art harbors a rare 18th century interior from Damascus, Syria.(Museum Associates / LACMA) In the late 1970s, the Syrian capital of Damascus was experiencing a building boom.Before the house was destroyed, a Lebanese dealer bought the contents of the room — floors, fountain and wood panels — and for roughly three decades, warehoused them in Beirut, where they somehow managed to survive the Lebanese Civil War. The museum acquired the room in spring 2014 and it is in the process of giving its myriad parts some needed conservation treatment before it makes its museum debut at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, early next year.------------For the record April 1, a.m.: A previous version of this post said the room was acquired in 2012.That room is now part of the permanent collection at the L. It was acquired in 2014.------------Conservators are removing grime and stabilizing pieces — which, quite miraculously, were never altered after being fabricated some time in the 1760s."We're still removing surface dirt from the wood to reveal a dusty rose paint," says Linda Komaroff, who heads up the Art of the Middle East Department at LACMA.To help promote the country and to assist customers find the perfect holiday, we have created this skiing and snowboarding website reference.


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