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Commercial law in South Africa is governed by two main focal points; commercial contracts and litigation.Our attorneys are fully capable of assisting and advising you in the drafting and perusing of any and all agreements and contracts necessary in the commercial sector.

They argue that consultation by Eskom is inadequate, and that their presentations against the project and its impact have not been well considered.

They have organised themselves into an association called the Thyspunt Alliance comprising 10 organisations representing various sectors and interests.

Once they have done that they will be in control of both the club and the stadium.

Masterton found himself facing protests earlier this year over his running of the club but Drew Main, vice chairman of the Pars Trust - one of the groups who make up Pars United, claimed his decision to abstain from the vote and therefore preclude himself from payment should be applauded.

"If the authorisation is positive for the Thyspunt site, we will follow due process to challenge it.

That is, we will first take the matter on review, and if we are not happy with the outcome, we will challenge it in court.”She said regardless of what Eskom was saying, there were still several unprocedural matters that needed to be concluded before the project could go ahead.“Besides the massive cost, as an organisation, we focus on the direct social, heritage and environmental impact that this proposed largest industrial development in the southern hemisphere will have on an area that can hardly cope at present,” said Malan.and its wholly owned subsidiary, Crown Paper Company (�Crown Entities�) filed in their chapter 11 cases.The Crown Paper Liquidating Asset Protection Trust Agreement approved as part of the Plan (�Trust Agreement�), the Plan and the Order collectively define the rights, interests and responsibilities of the Trust. was appointed trustee of the Trust upon its inception.The club's supporters have raised over £100,00 to keep it afloat and Main added: 'When the administrator was appointed back in March, he was on record as saying we were just hours from being put out of business.'Now we have to continue to raise funds, to be ready for the start of the season, and we need more patrons.Environmentalists, civic organisations and cultural activists are hopping mad over the proposed construction of a nuclear reactor at Thyspunt, about 70km southeast of Port Elizabeth.These are: St Francis Bay Residents’ Association; Cape St Francis Civic Association; Foster, an environmental organisation; Port St Francis Harbour Association; Gamtkwa Khoisan Council; Jeffreys Bay Boardriders; St Francis Kromme Trust; Sea Vista View; Supertubes Surfing Foundation; and the SA Squid Management Industrial Association (Sasmia).“This area cannot sustain such a development, both from a social and biophysical viewpoint,” Malan said.“We believe in this case, strength does lie in numbers and it would therefore be an advantage for the cause to have more civil society and business associations join the alliance.”Initially Eskom, which wants to build the multibillion-rand project, identified five sites, but has now chosen Thyspunt as the preferred one.


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