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These are just a few, from basic manners to some more advanced niceties for formal occasions.A popular saying in the UK is "Manners maketh man." Things you should do:- At first glance, a formal table setting can be intimidating because there are so many forks, spoons, and knives, all for different courses.

Whereas in the United States a good friend might invite you to dinner every now and then, it'd be out of the ordinary for someone you've just met to invite you to eat. This is just another example of the famous friendliness of Colombians.

*To show you're grateful, you'll likely want to reciprocate the invitation at a later date, as is customary in Colombia!

Show the sommelier your selection and ask for his opinion, but place your finger on the price, rather than the name. When food is caught between the teeth that is annoying or uncomfortable, wait to remove it privately. If the maitre d’ does not lead the group, the host should lead. When sneezing or coughing at the table is unavoidable, cover your nose or mouth with a napkin and proceed as quietly as possible. When an extremely hot beverage is sipped, take a quick sip of water to decrease the effect of the burn. When finger food is taken from a tray, place it on a plate. When in doubt about whether to use fingers or a utensil to eat a particular food, watch those about you and proceed accordingly.

Except in an emergency, don't use a napkin to blow your nose. If you're still in doubt, use a utensil, usually a fork. To show you are ready to order, close your menu and place it on the table. If you are the host, inform the waiter or maitre d’ that you are to receive the check.

However, do not be dismayed, there is a simple system behind it all.

Place your napkin in your lap immediately upon sitting down. Use utensils on the outside first and work your way in with each new course. Food is removed from the mouth in the manner in which it is put into the mouth.The greatest single modern business (and social) etiquette failing is not responding to an invitation to let the host know whether or not you will attend.Respond in writing before the date given on the invitation, if circumstances stop you from attending always let your host/ess know as soon as possible.The more time you spend talking to Colombians in Spanish, the more hand gestures you'll observe and quite possibly pick up and find yourself using later!When I first arrived to Bogota in 2008, one of the first things I was told before I visited a Colombian in their own home was that under no circumstances should I open her refrigerator.The first, and most important step, is to be aware of the clearly distinct nations which form the UK.

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