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The couple’s engagement was also broadcasted on the U. Open Jumbotron at Arthur Ashe Stadium, according to People.After popping the question, Navratilova thanked fans for their congratulations on Twitter.

While last season featured the series’ first transgender contestant, Chaz Bono, and gay style maven, Carson Kressley, the latest season features the greatest women’s tennis player who’s ever lived, Martina Navratilova.

Fifty-five year old Navratilova has broken or tied almost every women’s tennis record imaginable.

Judy Nelson, whom she was with in the 1980s, had two sons. She’d play tennis with them, do their homework with them and cook. I said: “Martina is someone I love.” Her eyes went all wide. Society is certainly more supportive of same-sex relationships and parenting today.

magazine quoted Navratilova as saying, “I not only took care of Judy, but of course her family, provided help with her parents and her kids — her two sons and their friends.” The paper reported that “Nelson’s husband gained custody of their two sons in a nondisputed agreement, but Navratilova sometimes pitched in to drive car pools for the boys. They call her Marti — a short, sweet version of Martina. I remember saying: “I can’t imagine living without her.” Then we had a conversation about whether they liked Martina being around and I remember my daughter saying: “I want her to live with us, too.”’ Soon they were lobbying — successfully — for Martina to propose to their mother and, in the future, they may be adopted by her. Navratilova has likely evolved in her view of relationships as well, as we all do.

Now she’s ready to test herself and see how she will fare with the Foxtrot, the Mambo and Ballroom dancing in front of millions of television viewers. AE: Did the show come to you or did you put your name in a hat? MN: They’ve been asking me for years but I kept saying “No way! My girlfriend has been trying to get me to wear dresses and I’m like, “That’s not me.” She’d say, “But you have great legs!

With competitors like actress Melissa Gilbert, a Pip-less Gladys Knight and TV hostess Maria Menounos and being partnered with Tony Dovolani (who has yet to take a contestant all the way to win the coveted Mirrorball Trophy), Martina, who is currently the Health and Fitness Ambassador for AARP, may have her work cut out for her. I can’t see myself in those high heels.” But then I found out the heels are not that high and once I kind of got over that I thought “Okay, I can do the dress.” And when I put the dress on, I was like, “Oh my God! ” So I put on the dress and was like, “I do have good legs! This is about as far out of my comfort zone as I could possible be, other than perhaps synchronized swimming, which is about the only sport that I can’t do.

Tracy Austin, the former US Open champion, was one of the first high-profile figures from the world of tennis to tweet her congratulations, while Navratilova herself thanked fans for their well-wishes via the social network.

is made up of a fun mix of D-listers, former celebs in their golden years, professional athletes and, yes, a few gays and lesbians.

"I have been waiting for the right time to ask Julia to marry me," Navratilova said to a packed stadium.

"I thought this was the right place and the right time to pop the question and thankfully I got a 'yes'." Ms.

A few years later she gave Judy’s son Eddie a Porsche 944, which she had won in a tournament.” A WITA (Women’s International Tennis Association) calendar during this time featured Navratilova with her Wimbledon trophies and the boys in the background, reported is the only paper I’ve seen that has covered Navratilova’s relationship with the girls in any depth, although the general tone of the article is somewhat gossipy, and can’t quite grasp that Lemigova might be bisexual or coming out late in life. It sounds like Lemigova’s daughters are eager to have her in their lives, and that’s a wonderful thing.


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