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They have nice pictures uploaded with interesting profiles.

You can hover over the images to see the user's personal message and other details if you want to know more about the girl you chat with.

Albert When I first entered the site I found it was very user interactive.

This isn’t an issue of what porn you watch or what fantasies get you off—it’s about sharing a particular form of sex and intimacy with people who aren’t your wife without her knowledge, and it’s a betrayal of the monogamous commitment she believes you two have.

What you want—a mostly monogamous relationship with a woman and periodic jerk-off sessions with other men—isn’t “crazy.” The hiding and the lying are what’s wrong, not the desire itself.

Had you brought this desire up sooner in your relationship, she might have happily indulged your relatively low-risk interest. Either way, she has the right to make that decision for herself.

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