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In all cases though it is important to note that informal does not mean it is any less of a true testing method.

These methods should be performed with the same discipline and structure that one would expect in "formal" methods.

Depending on how you have configured your application, validation may occur automatically.

In addition, cleaning and sanitizing programs must also be validated.

Organizations must properly design, document, implement and maintain prerequisite programs, even if the standard does not specify a validation requirement for this part of the food safety system.

It also provides guidelines for constructing an abstract and general tips for you to keep in mind when drafting.

Finally, it includes a few examples of abstracts broken down into their component parts.

One way to think of the differences among validation, verification and monitoring is to use the following questions that are linked to basic grammar: • Monitoring: Are the operations being done as intended?

(present) • Verification: Was the work done according to plan? (future) Validation is not a new concept to the food processing industry.

While numerical results are not the primary focus, this does not mean that the numerical results are completely ignored.

There are several reasons why an informal method might be chosen.

In the early days of the low-acid canned-food regulations, protocols were established to validate the processing conditions for canning low-acid products.

This handout provides definitions and examples of the two main types of abstracts: descriptive and informative.

It then suppresses that content, allowing you to view and sign the document in a static and secure state.


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