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So we will discuss the phenomenon of online affairs.

My friend works for a prominent Internet firm, and his responsibilities include popping in and out of the chat rooms as a silent monitor. She answered, I feel as though I need closer guidance to God." Automatically, my friend thought she was weird, but as the conversation went on, he learned things about this woman that made him want to know more.

A special bond exists between Prince fans online — especially those who have been congregating, sharing their love of the Purple One and interacting with the man himself through his decades of digital evolution, from AOL’s early chatrooms to the modern-day hum of Twitter.

She predicts that one “role of the Internet in the future will be as a source of affairs.” She is writing a second book on the subject of adultery and says she could base half of it just on the letters she receives from people who started an affair online.

An online affair (or cyberaffair) is an intimate or sexually explicit communication between a married person and someone other than their spouse that takes place on the Internet.

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These are just a few of the "tamer" examples of user-defined chat rooms I popped into in my search for interesting people to talk to online.

Fortunately, I found that there are people online who are looking for more than cybersex.

I was making little apps and the web came out right as I got out of high school and into college, and I ended up dropping out of college because I loved the Internet so much.

A former Missouri State University student used pictures and videos of three different naked women to try and blackmail them into sending him more lewd photographs, police say. Bears, 19, allegedly took photographs of one woman undressing in a Missouri State dorm room and then threatened to release the photographs to family, friends and the public if she didn't send him more.

Chat room categories range from “single and liking it” to “married and flirting” to “naked on the keyboard.” Women in a chat room are often surprised at what develops in a fairly short period of time.

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