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The team who stays on the mushroom longest wins the competition and one of them will become the first Ho H. Question 2: True or false, more than half of you said you would give up your best friendship for $500,000? Eric explained that the viewers will be in control of his game, telling him who to vote for, who to target for nomination and so on. After everyone had hidden theirs, the competitors got to enter the house one at a time for a specified time period to search for everyone else’s. When answering, the houseguests should answer how they think that the majority of the group will respond. Question 2: Who does the majority of the house say they would not let their little sister go out on a date with, Nick or Mike? Dick, Daniele and Nick were eliminated from the competition. Question 4: Who does the majority of the house say would hold a grudge the longest, Dick or Daniele? If you are the furthest, you are out of the game and will select a gift from under the tree.

Question 1: True or false, at least five of you have admitted to having cosmetic surgery? Julie then explained that the viewers will give directions to Eric every episode Julie revealed that Eric will earn $10,000 for every five tasks that he successfully completes. Nomination Ceremony Kail nominated Amber and Carol for eviction. Order that the veto boxes were found: Carol found Amber’s veto in Amber’s pillow case. Jameka found Carol’s veto in between Dick’s mattresses. Those that are in the majority will stay in the game. Question 1: In the “Butter Me Up” food competition, who does the majority say they would rather rub the butter off of, Daniele or Jen? Question 3: Who does the majority of the house say would cheat on a significant other, Joe or Dustin? As the subsequent houseguests are eliminated, they will decide if they want to steal your present or unwrap their own.

He also noted that if he gets involved in a showmance, it could go beyond simply strategy and he might “genuinely” be interested in the female he pairs up with in reports that Diane was the brains, while Drew was the eye candy, so their pairing worked in the game.

Diane and Drew were part of the final 3, along with Michael Ellis, aka “Cowboy,” but when it came down to it and they were given the opportunity, Drew dropped his showmance partner and took Cowboy to the final two.

Nick did not have a partner and thus did not compete. Question 4: True or false, more than three of you have admitted that you are members of the mile high club? Dick, Dustin and Jessica decided to give Ho H to Kail. Following the Ho H competition, the three houseguests from upstairs joined their fellow houseguests. Question 6: Who does the majority of the house say is most likely to turn $500,000 in to $5,000,000, Kail or Zach? Jessica and Mike were eliminated from the competition. Tiebreaker Question: How many gallons of water does the spinning tea cup in the backyard hold? One at a time, the houseguests will glide the curling stone down the ice. Question 4: True or false, when Jen won the second Ho H competition she said “Please don’t steal this from me. Question 5: True or false, when you add up all of the bites of pie taken in the “Name That Pie” competition, there were more than 45 bites? If you buzz in and answer incorrectly, you will be eliminated. Question 1: At the eviction ceremony, which ex-houseguest said during their plea “the time is now…”.

One partner will sit on the stump and answer a series of true or false questions about the houseguests. Each incorrect answer will cause the mushroom to spin faster and faster. Question 3: True or false, more than two of you said you would not give up your seat to a pregnant lady on the bus? America’s Player It was announced that Eric will be America’s Player. Veto Ceremony Daniele decided not to use the Power of Veto. Votes to evict Carol (10): Dick, Daniele, Zach, Jameka, Eric, Jessica, Dustin, Nick, Mike and Joe. Ho H Competition - “Majority Rules” Julie will ask a series of questions about the houseguests. Question 5: Who does the majority of the house say would be the best person to cheer them up if they were depressed, Eric or Jessica? Question 7: Who does the majority of the house say would help an old lady cross the street, Jameka or Amber? The closer to the red line you slide, the better your chance to win. The two of them will be treated to a romantic gourmet dinner. Also, he came into the "Big Brother" house with his estranged daughter named Daniele.I always feel a pressure on me to set a good example for my race of people. Their romance is “still going strong,” and Eric and Jessica “plan to continue their long-distance relationship until Jessica graduates, then see what happens,” the Wichita Eagle’s Denise Neil reports.But in the short term, they’ll only see each other on holidays, although Eric just spent a week with Jessica in Kansas. “People are always really happy to see that we’re together and that we’re having such a good time with each other,” Eric said. He recently “quit his job at a New York City talent agency, [and] isn’t sure what he’ll do next.I have even met some bands and I am not afraid to tell everyone else about it.


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