No dating for one year

Chris admitted that he was attracted to her, but reiterated his determination to complete the challenge.

After Cobra* and I decided we were meant to be and knew we didn’t want to live apart from each other, we started talking about making things more permanent as quickly as possible.

Because I owned my home and was halfway through my mortgage with a decent amount of equity built up, had an established career and network of friends and family and a ton of clothing and furniture that I had no desire to move, I just assumed we would live in Atlanta. Most of my friends, though not surprised, were a little hesitant to express happiness (if they felt any for me) and my family was split down the middle.

The back-and-forth visits were already getting expensive just three flights in and I hated the saying goodbye part. An opportunity for a transfer with my company came up and it would allow us to speed up our permanent plans by more than six months. My dad and brother who had met Cobra were ecstatic, my mom was tentatively thrilled (i.e.

more concerned about what I was going to do with all of my furniture and freaked out every time I told her I donated something and totally lost it on me when I told her I gave away my couches – ) and my sister was completely hysterical and flipped out on me.

So by the time Cobra arrived to help me move just a few days before the truck arrived, I was a complete nut and I’m shocked he didn’t run away at that point.

Instead, he was patient and supportive and thought it was funny when I was nuts.

“You don’t want to close yourself off to love, or reduce it to brain chemistry.” Shit.

It removed the pressure I felt interacting with them.

It was the first time I felt oxytocin—that magical little brain chemical responsible for feelings of intimacy and bonding after sex—in all its glory and did not think I was in love. “I love oxytocin, but now I don’t have to think I’m falling in love every time! My decision to stop dating wasn’t rash, but it was necessary. “I worry that you’re shutting yourself off.” “But what if you meet someone?!


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