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Now when you fill an item into your browser 1Password will automatically copy its one-time password to the clipboard for easy pasting.

We’ve had this feature in beta for a few months and we hope you love it as much as we do!

In general, we will endeavor to have the updated series posted sometime after a.m.

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The LMCI is derived from a dynamic factor model that extracts the primary common variation from 19 labor market indicators.

(See Table 1 in that Note for a list of the indicators.) Starting this Monday, October 6th, we will provide updated estimates of the LMCI every month.

It’s summertime for us here in the northern hemisphere and that means it’s time to grab a blanket, a basket full of goodies, and head out for a picnic!

We packed a number of great treats into today’s update, so settle back and tuck in.

New: Any new features or functionality, listed in order of excitement.

Fixed: Anything external facing, so “something that someone has experienced at some point, or that has been reported, or that was slightly hidden, but is frankly absurd, so interesting to share”.

We were thrilled to see such a positive reaction to 1Password 6.8 for Mac and we wanted to follow it up with a great bug fix release.

Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback and comments, we've really enjoyed getting the chance to chat with you all.

The funny thing about release notes is that they’re disposable, and temporary. You don’t have to read them at all: You can skip over them or have automatic updates and live in happy ignorance of their existence, safe in the knowledge your app will keep getting better and nothing more. And if you go to the bother of doing so, you should at least get something real and tangible out of them. Release notes play a vital role in: It’s not about moving them too far away from what they are.

We talked a lot about what our release notes should sound like — and there are lots of influencing factors, like The police blotter of The Arcata Eye, Corrections and Clarifications columns, that could make another post altogether.

You can share a special recipe with a bulleted list of ingredients and photos of each step.


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