Nymphenburg porcelain dating

Nymphenburg Palace acquired its present-day dimensions under the elctor Max Emanuel (reigned 1680-1726).

Initially, the Italianate "Nymphenburg summer residence" was a mighty cubic pavilion, flanked by the court church, several outbuildings and a small, walled, geometrical garden.

By 1679 the palace complex, in its first incarnation, had nearly been finished.

Max Emanuel’s successor, Elector Karl Albrecht, completed the complex on the city side with the Rondell buildings.

The interior rooms present exhibitions and works of art from the Baroque period to Classicism.

The new Haerlin remains passionate about both outstanding food and contemporary art.

We are marking the reopening with a display of engravings by Hamburg-based artist Wolfgang Werkmeister, born 1941.

Begun in 1701, the pavilions were linked with the central edifice by galleries.

However, the Spanish War of Succession soon put a stopp to construction work because Max Emanuel was again obliged to spend time outside Bavaria, from 1704 to 1715.

During the reign of Max Emanuel the complex was extended with side galleries and residential buildings designed in 1701 by Henrico Zuccalli.

From 1714, under the direction of Joseph Effner, the adjacent four-winged buildings were completed and the façade of the central building was modernized in the French style: the private country house was now an extensive summer residence of absolutist proportions.

The restaurant now features a chandelier made from more than 20,000 black and white crystals threaded on 1,000 separate cords and weighing over 250 kilograms.


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