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If your blog software has a working ping client (meaning you can add places to ping to your configuration) you should immediately add all ping services to it, even before you register your site.

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You can wait until the search engine bot makes its way over to your site to crawl it, or you can ping it to speed up the process.

Most people wait it out, but it’s not in your best interest.

When you have a new site, you can announce its launch with a press release.

While some press release distribution sites will charge you to publish on their site, the following ones are free.

The sooner the search engines find your new site, the faster they can rank it, which means it won’t take long for you to see traffic.

To start letting search engines know about your site, add the URL to these sites.We completely do not accept adult content, acts of piracy, violence, racism or poor content web site.Your site must be in English or have an English version available.Well, I know it will take time that's why I will recommend you to make a schedule for adding your blog to directory.Is there any directory which would be helpful for bloggers? Minimally it need to be made of validated code, and have regular posts over the last few weeks.

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