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The affair looks set to damage the Mossad's reputation -- and unleash more bloodshed. It could have been Dubai's unofficial entry in the Berlin International Film Festival: A 27-minute reality thriller, edited from footage shot with two dozen surveillance cameras, with constantly shifting settings, close-ups and freeze frames, with subtitles artfully entering the frame from the edge and colorful hand-drawn circles à la Jean-Luc Godard.

It was also a film that was significantly more suspenseful than most of the other entries in this year's festival.

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In the UAE, highways are mostly still called a street or a road e.g. Most fixed radars and speed cameras are set to 20 kph above the signposted speed limit, but some might be set only 10 kph above, and some apparently set 30 kph above the limit according to a report (we would not recommend relying on this report though, it sounds dubious to us). Follow taxi drivers if in doubt, they usually have a better idea of the maximum speed allowed.

Don't follow cars with low number plates or heavy window tinting, they might have enough wasta to avoid paying for speeding fines, or have enough money to view speeding fines as a sort of VIP road toll.

For an element of fun wireless cameras are often used in remote control vehicles; planes, trains and automobiles.

We also sell reversing car cameras, action cameras, video glasses GPS trackers and GSM audio surveillance When it comes to our range of spy cameras, we have displayed some of the best of all that you can ever find elsewhere.

Again the 2014 Passenger Customs Guide does not mention items that must be declared to Dubai Customs on arrival.

They are listed in the 2009 Travellers Guide and include: Many of our readers are concerned about medications they can bring into Dubai.

It doesn't help that 80% or more of Dubai is expatriate with a wide range of nationalities represented - anyone who has travelled out of their home country will immediately notice that driving standards and habits vary the world over.

Assume that every bad habit you've ever seen is imported into Dubai and you'll get the idea.

We reference the following sources of information and take no responsibility for its accuracy.


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