sims 3 online dating teenager - Paul from american idol dating nikki

"I told her I'm not watching any of [her movies] for a long time…

Mc Donald met Twilight actress Nikki Reed in March 2011 when they met at the premiere of the movie Red Riding Hood.

After seven months of dating, the couple were married on October 11, 2011.

Thursdays are always so draining because it's sad to see people to go.

"For me, this whole thing was about having fun, getting up there and singing a bunch of covers, and just having fun with it," he adds.

On March 29, 2014, they announced that they were splitting up after two years of marriage. On January 27, 2011, Mc Donald received a golden ticket to compete in Hollywood from judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, and made it into the Top 24 by singing an original song, "American Dreams." He was one of ten candidates chosen as a finalist based on public voting. Since entering the competition Mc Donald has made use of the social networking site Twitter to communicate with his fans and promote his band The Grand Magnolias.

Due to Mc Donald’s prolific use of The album also debuted on the Billboard Heatseekers chart before Mc Donald even sang in the show’s semi-final round.

I guess we can’t accuse Twilight’s Nikki Reed of pulling the same famewhore stunts as her co-stars and hooking up with the most high profile guys she can find.

Nikki is dating American Idol’s Paul Mc Donald, the guy who looks like a blonde Chris Kattan and who I could have sworn batted for the other team.

'" PHOTOS: Nikki and other Twilight stars shine on the red carpet When asked about another rumored romance between Lauren Alaina and Taylor Lautner, Mc Donald stayed mum: "I don't know.

Actress Nikki Reed and Paul Mc Donald, 26, have been dating since they met on the red carpet at the “Red Riding Hood” premiere in Los Angeles.

Mc Donald attended Auburn University but dropped out to focus on his music career.


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