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The man straps in to the Red Force vertical accelerator at Ferrari Land, Barcelona.For the first few seconds he appears to be thoroughly enjoying the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Europe.They've been dubbed 'rats of the sky', but it seems pigeons deserve far more credit for their abilities than they currently receive.

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It'll be a ride to forget about for this adrenaline junkie.

Bizarre footage has captured the moment he was hit by a pigeon as he tries out a new 112mph rollercoaster.

The Red Force accelerator can hit speeds of 112mph in just five seconds - nearly the same speed as a Formula One car.

The rollercoaster is more than 100 feet taller then the UK's tallest rollercoaster, The Big One in Blackpool.

But then the ride turns sour as a pigeon smacks full-force into his chest, just narrowly missing his face and neck.

The man's fellow rider is initially completely unaware of the incident and is too caught up in the thrill of the rollercoaster ride.If the ads navigated you to another page, then use the back button to navigate back to the exact page where the problem started and submit from there. Pigeon John (PJ) Often labeled Christian because of his positive messages and references to God, Pigeon John was born to mixed-race parents in Omaha, Nebraska.The bird was caught by authorities after being spotted flying around an inner-city office block.The plight of the pigeon has captured the attention of the internet, with users calling it a 'flight risk' and urging authorities not to grant it bail.Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success — success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think of it.” I think there’s one particular reason why many of us feel completely lost. Many early philosophers believed that our primary motivation in life was personal pleasure or happiness — that’s just what we strive for and that’s just what our purpose is.


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