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, WIFT-T’s 2009 Creative Excellence Award, the WGC’s 2011 Showrunner Award, and the CSA’s 2015 Margaret Collier Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Everyone at Zumner High keeps their distance from Melody because she was burned in a childhood accident.

Leon has avoided her, too, until the day he tells her a bad joke and makes her laugh.

Ideally, you should find this information out after a couple of dates.

Similarly, when it comes to life goals, if your date is seriously considering major life changing-actions (e.g.

All of that comes with a pretty hefty monthly fee."Though she left the world of matchmaking in order to take her passion for writing more seriously, the experience inspired her upcoming novel, also entitled "Playing With Matches" and exploring the work of a 22-year-old matchmaker juggling "her clients' demands with her own complicated personal life." In the process of editing this book, Orenstein thought about starting the newsletter.

"I wanted to put my own spin on matchmaking," she said.When you're a woman trying to use the internet to date, the struggle is often very, very real.If you've ever given online dating a try, you know that whether you're browsing profiles, "super liking" someone or sending that first (or second...However, there is one girl who might: Melody Hennon.Everyone at Zumner High keeps their di SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD LEON SANDERS has a mug that looks like it should be hanging in a post office somewhere.If he didn't have his twisted sense of humor, he'd have nothing at all.

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