Polycom 450 updating initial configuration

Auto Answer SIP Calls: Disable Ring Class: Ring Auto Answer Then click "Save" at the bottom.If you want to make advanced configuration changes or configure a large number of phones, you may find it easier to configure the phones either using the End Point Manager Module (a commercial module available for purchase from Free PBX) or by creating your own configuration files in the /tftpboot directory of your Free PBX.If you feel the phone’s settings have been misconfigured you can put the phone back to a factory default state.

While the 30x, 50x, and 600 can be converted between SIP and MGCP, but this is unreliable and thus not recommended.

In particular, the 50x has different keycaps, which makes this doubly difficult. Also, there are different part numbers for regions other than NA due to power differences.

Phone cannot be seen under Unknown Phones section of Phone Setup2.

Phone reports ' Could not contact boot server'.3.

Phone reports ' Error loading CFG' and gets in constant boot cycle4. This is a very in depth guide to troubleshooting provisioning a Polycom phone with your Switchvox.

This guide is the EXACT same process that support will run you through if you call in with any of the above issues pertaining to provisioning a Polycom phone with the Switchvox.

The VVX Business Media Phones are the latest models. The VVX400 is a mid-line version with more buttons and a color screen. Click Settings and then SIP at the top of the page. Click on the to the left of Identification, Authentication, Server 1, and Message Center to expand those areas. These instructions assume that you are configuring extension 100 to connect to Free PBX running on

Both phones can have additional buttons using the VVX Expansion Module or the VVX Color Expansion Module. The IP335 and IP550 are the most popular phones in this you connect a Polycom phone to your network and power it up, it will obtain an IP address from your DHCP Server (in most cases, your router). Identification: Address: 100Label: Number of Line Keys: 2Calls Per Line: 10 Authentication: User ID: 100Password: extensionpassword Server 1: Special Interop: Standard Address: 0Expires: 300Register: Yes Message Center: Subscription Address: Extension#Callback Mode: Contact Callback Contact: *98100Then click "Save" at the bottom.

When a Polycom phone first boots up, it will query your DHCP server for an IP address to use.

It will also ask your DHCP server if it supports "Option 66." If your DHCP Server does, the Polycom phone will obtain the information set in Option 66 and use it to attempt to download a configuration file from the source designated.

) so we’ll need to tell the phone to use an appropriate Dial Plan (nee Location Profile) because it’s not quite clever enough (yet) to determine what the logged-in user’s is.

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