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I grew up with a pretty intense North Jersey Italian mother who relayed two pieces of advice to me on a daily basis: 1) boys are led by their pointers (her disturbing euphemism for “penis,” not mine), and 2) no one is going to protect you but you when it comes to sex.

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The injection was studied for 30 years without any documented complications. and it sounds a whole lot less invasive than a gynecological exam.

The process takes about 15 minutes and involves a doctor injecting a tiny amount of synthetic gel right outside of each testicle in the vas deferens (the tube through which sperm hitch a ride to the urethra).

But the two friends (who describe themselves as “pomosexuals“) were too impatient to use the available dating apps on the market, all of which required them to spend hours flirting with potential flings via chat or text message before getting a date and, possibly, sealing the deal.

They knew there were horny people around them looking for sex — and nothing more — but had no way of figuring out where, and who, they were.

When two users are mutually attracted, they’re given each others’ coordinates to meet up.

There are no profiles, no lengthy chat sessions, and all unfulfilled requests vanish after an hour.

The most promising is the male birth control injection with the tongue-tying title of Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance (RISUG).

RISUG was first invented in the 1970s by Sujoy Guha, a biomedical engineering professor at the Indian Institute of Technology.

Confidential user feedback keeps creeps at bay, and people who repeatedly no-show arebanned.


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  2. We were very lucky to be involved on the project from the start and it’s been an honour to have helped.

  3. Over a career spanning more than two decades, he had been nominated for the prestigious Grammys several times and also for other awards, and won quite a few of them.

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