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Ultrasound Direct are the leading providers of ultrasound scans in the City of London, with a state of the art facility located just off Cannon Street.Ultrasound Direct has NHS provider status, being externally audited by the official regulator.

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Baby Moments is a private 3D 4D ultrasound scan centre run by professional experienced sonographers. Private ultrasound scan clinics offering health and pregnancy scans, including gender, 2D, 3D and 4D scans nationwide. Miracle in Progress, a private pregnancy clinic offering 4D scan, 3D scan.

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Something very useful for women who are uncertain of their last menstrual period or have irregular menstrual cycles and therefore making it difficult for their doctor to correctly estimate when the baby is due.

Ultrasound is very accurate estimating the baby's due date and the earlier the scan the better the accuracy.

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A greater focus on socially disadvantaged women is needed to improve maternity care in England

After 28 weeks, the stimation of the due date can be as long as 3 weeks out.

The overall accuracy of the scan also depends on the skills of the sonographer and the ultrasound scanner quality and this why our sonographers are all NHS qualified sonographers and we are using the latest ultrasound machine.

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