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Cycle of Domestic Violence Violence in the Suburbs Warning Signs Effects on Children Animal Abuse and DV Safety Planning What Prevents Victimsfrom Leaving Stopping Abuse About Batterers Elder Abuse Teen Dating Violence Bullying Legal Information The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children How many children witness the abuse of their mothers? government statistics say that 95% of domestic violence cases involve women victims of male partners.

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They are always on guard, watching and waiting for the next event to occur.

They never know what will trigger the abuse, and therefore, they never feel safe.

Abuse can result in poor self-esteem, which can lead to a lack of close and trusting relationships or to body image issues (particularly for sexual abuse victims), which in turn can result in eating disorders, which can be seen as victims' attempts at self-control in one small part of life when they otherwise feels completely out of control and vulnerable.

It is important to note that abuse alone is not sufficient to create psychological disorders.

Abuse can be a very strong factor contributing to their development, however.

Developing a psychological disorder, such as depression, does not mean that you were necessarily abused, and being abused does not mean you will develop depression.Participants were 155 undergraduate students (105 females; 50 males) ranging from 17 to 25 years old (M = 19.38, SD = 1.65) with dating experience and a minimum relationship duration of 3 months.Self-report assessments of cyber dating abuse, self-esteem, and emotional distress from the relationship were completed.In addition, increased frequency of abuse was related to more mental health symptoms and more physical injuries.ABSTRACT: This study examined how emotional distress mediated the relationship between cyber dating abuse and self-esteem.What are the feelings of children who are exposed to battering?


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