Queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

You have to be brave to take on the traffic in Mexico City.But the world’s richest man, at the wheel of his car, certainly relishes a challenge. According to Spain’s Semana magazine, the two are an item and have been seen globe-trotting in super luxurious planes and automobiles.

Queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim

After her husband’s death, Buckhurst Park was told to cut down on spending – but it is understood she still has access to considerable wealth.

She chairs the Noor Al Hussein Foundation, an anti-poverty charity, and has spoken out in favour of peace between Western nations and the Middle East.

His black leather loafers are shiny, but no more brilliant than any other self-respecting Mexican businessman’s.

Indeed, his only concessions to luxury are a fondness for Cuban cigars, a box of which sits on the coffee table in his office, and a passion for fine art.

With a convoy of bodyguards following closely behind in blacked-out 4x4s, his navy Mercedes darts across the lanes. His 42-year-old son Marco Antonio – “Tony” – sitting in the back of the car, laughs when I ask if his father normally drives himself around. Despite his $53.5 billion (£32.9 billion) fortune, the 71-year-old lives in a modest six-bedroom house a mile from his office, and has no interest in flashy super-yachts or palatial houses around the world.

His grey pinstripe suit may be made by Brioni, the fine Italian tailors, but his watch is a very ordinary-looking plain dial with a leather strap.

Queen Noor seems to be dating Mr Carlos Slim a Mexican billionaire……I have found good comments and good wishes for the couple and others dont agree with Queen Noor!!!

In any case….people say they had a romantic holiday/getaway in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic…….well…. I am sure that if anything, they had a great and relaxing time!!!!!!

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