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B3- Recorded at Chez Flames, New Orleans, LA.℗ & © The Red Hot Organization 1995Marketed by Reprise Records.

Red Hot Bothered (also known as Red Hot Bothered: The Indie Rock Guide Book to Dating) is an anthology of the indie rock scene from the 1990s produced by Paul Heck.

The album was a low fi follow up to the smash “No Alternative” and eventually appeared on CD with a cover by artist Christian Schumann.

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And that applies to her dress sense too; there are no too-short skirts or TMI tops here.

Pictured here at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival in New York, the 26-year-old actress looks really rather dapper in a monochrome suit.

Highlights include "Sensational Gravity Boy" from the Robert Pollard-fronted Freedom Cruise; Built to Spill Caustic Resin's sterling "Still Flat" (even though it appears in a bolder, fleshier form on their eponymous EP); Lisa Germano's fragile, fractured acoustic ditty; the shambolic grandeur of "Some Fantasy" from the criminally ignored Verlaines; a subtle song from the Sea and Cake; East River Pipe's poetic, sad "Miracleland"; a bubbly, droll version of "Hopeless" from Future Bible Heroes; and the indie Television-lite stylings of Flying Nuns.

The collection would probably be better off without Folk Implosion's tired New Order homage, Noise Addict's amateur sounds, Babe the Blue Ox's empty, histrionic stab at the blues, a weak track from the usually powerful Grifters, and the bland minimalist plodding that Gastr del Sol submitted.

Leave it to the Red Hot Organization to rescue indie rock from its hormonal slump.

The Red Hot Organization goes indie in a most compelling fashion.Even though there are a bunch of subpar tracks, Red Hot made enough smart choices when choosing the artists that Red Hot Bothered becomes a fine sampler of indie rock circa 1995.Includes a 36-page Zine with "Sexually Explicit Illustrations", stories, art and games. She also was rumored to be dating Into the Wild star Emile Hirsch.While many teen actresses go off the rails, Ellen Page seems to have her head firmly screwed on.Nina Hartley was born Marie Louise Hartman on March 11, 1959, in Berkeley, California.

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