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Then the offending values are removed using the export / import with range check trick.

You may get a lot of "value is too old" errors when using perl script via Exec plugin, if script is proving values via PUTVAL method.

This doesn’t mean you only can add data every 5 minutes though.

It receives "status" and "data" messages from hobbitd via stdin, and updates the RRD databases used to generate trend-graphs.

Clients can send data to Xymon using both status- and data- messages.

Assume, for example, that the old value is 5 Billion (5 ⋅ 10, a maximum value can be configured.

Huge spikes are only allowed into the RRD file if no maximum value has been set or if the maximum value was set too high.

Because the servertime was running ahead the timestamps (the last update time) in the RRD files are in the future. Set the right time on the server if you have not done this yet.

You can calculate the time it will take before the RRD files will start to update again: 1341675817 seconds – 1341654743 seconds = 21047 / 60 to calculate minutes / 60 to calculate hours = 5.8 hours.

So you will normally run two instances of this module, once for the "status" channel and once for the "data" channel.

hobbitd_rrd understands data sent by the LARRD 0.43c client-side scripts (the so-called "bottom-feeder" scripts).

So you still want to install the LARRD bottom-feeders on the clients you monitor. --rrddir=DIRECTORY Defines the directory where the RRD-files are stored.


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  2. This feature has been implemented using both Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) mechanisms.

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