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Note: To update your connector just complete step 1 through 2 and it will update the current version you have installed. Net connector is a free application that is used to securely deliver realtime captions to the Stream Text. Below are the steps for installing the connector and configuring court reporter software.Make sure that the connector is closed before you start the install. Configuring the connector There are three methods you can use to stream text from your computer to Stream Text. You will need to choose a method to direct your realtime output to the connector.

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We recommend using the local tcp connection method in the next section if for some reason you cannot use com ports.

By Tom Dykstra and Rick Anderson The Contoso University sample web application demonstrates how to create ASP.

Com Port Redirect connection method The most common is to redirect output through a com port.

You will set up your realtime transcription software to output to a com port and the connector will be listening on that com port for the text.

With webupdates you can use your RIPE NCC Access account for seamless authentication across all of the services we offer, including the maintainer for your RIPE Database objects.

Though we do not recommend using MD5 passwords on your maintainer for everyday usage, it is still possible to use it to authenticate.

I thought it would be useful to share some of the new features and improvements that will be introduced as part of the update.

The plan is to complete the update by the end of July 2017, and APNIC will share more information with Members as the project nears completion.

Depending on how long Rapid Weaver has been opened, it might check for stacks right away or you might need to click on the Check Now button. As it is searching for updates, if there are any, they will be listed in the update window, when it is done, the stacks that need updating will still be listed.

Open the Stacks Library, on the bottom of the library, you should see a refresh icon that says Updates under it, click on this icon. When you click on the icon, you will see the Stacks Updater window appear.

If you are starting out with managing objects in the RIPE Database, we recommend you use this method.


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