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The photographs are not new, though they were new to me. Thanks to Carolina Salguero for posting about them on Facebook.The photos are both beautiful and incredible — a naked woman swimming in arctic waters with beluga whales. Anyone who has watched the Pacific Life commercial where humpback whales are seen swimming and breaching across glass skyscrapers understands that graphics composting should not always be taken at face value.Scientists hoped the experiment would allow the 36-year-old Avseenko to have a more candid and welcoming experience with the whales.

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As well as walruses and seals, Utrish captures wild beluga whales and dolphins from the Black Sea.

Utrish dolphinarium openly uses wild beluga whales reportedly captured in the delta of the Amur River, where their “fattening zone is situated”.

Many animal conservationists consider the practice cruel.

The whales are considered near threatened around the world with only about 100,000 of them left.

Of course, the word “incredible,” has two meanings – extraordinary and also impossible to believe. Nevertheless, the consensus seems to be that the photos are genuine.

The woman is Natalia Avseenko, a 36 year old Russian free-diver.

Marine experts believe that beluga whales don't like the feel of fabric and materials that aren't natural -- such as those used in wet suits.

In a unique and controversial experiment experts convinced professional diver Natalia Avseenko to strip all the way down and swim in freezing water to try to tame the large cetaceans. The dive happened in the northwest of Russia in the Murmansk Oblast region not far from the Utrish Dolphinarium.

Her frigid tale was reported in the Daily Mail , which said she survives the dangerously cold waters through meditation and her background in yoga.

It's necessary for her to bathe au naturale, because marine biologists believe the beluga whales do not like to be touched by artificial materials, the Mail reported.

So, Natalia Avseenko, a two time free-diving world champion, was recruited by the Utrish Dophinarium to swim naked with belugas to “tame them,” to help make them more comfortable around humans. Avseenko has learned how to use yoga to control both her breathing and her body temperature, allowing her to swim naked with the whales in the sub-freezing temperature of the White Sea, near the arctic circle. Avseenko spoke about the techniques that she used at the Brain Expo 2012 in Seoul.

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